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Pregnancy &
Post-natal Massage

Nurture yourself & your bump

Pregnancy is a magical time but the exciting changes in your body can also leave you in discomfort. The shifting centre of gravity as your bump grows can lead to lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain, and shoulder pain, amongst other areas. Water retention as your pregnancy progresses can also result in swollen legs, ankles and feet. 


As a new mum, you may also be suffering from sore neck and shoulders as a result of breastfeeding or just gazing adoringly at your little one, and hand and wrist issues are also common with lifting an ever increasing weight continuously every day.


I am a mum of two, so I understand the effects pregnancy can have on you and the importance of looking after yourself physically. 


I perform pregnancy massage with you lying on your side, with plenty of pillows to support you and ensure your comfort. Due to the level of the hormone relaxin in the body, a pregnancy massage isn't quite as deep as a remedial massage, but you will be left feeling soothed and relieved of tension and aches. I can incorporate manual lymphatic drainage massage into the treatment if you are suffering from puffy legs.

You can also treat a friend or family member to a pregnancy massage by buying a gift voucher for them.

Pregnant lady holding tummy
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