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See what my clients say about me...

"Frozen shoulder, who would have thought that was a thing? Well, it is a very real thing and painful to boot. The doctor prescribed me some painkillers and told me to find a real good physio or massage therapist to work on it. That person turned out to be Lorna Hetherington. One session, one massage and five acupuncture needles in the shoulder later and it was back in working order.  I now make a point of seeing Lorna every half term to massage my shoulder and de-stress my neck and back. As a teacher working in a stressful school, these sessions keep me sane and keep my body on top of its game. ”

Paul M

“I have suffered chronic back and neck pain for 50 years.  I have endured, over the years, many treatments (eg; osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage etc;) but the most effective and long lasting relief I ever experience is after being treated by the magic, healing hands & needles of experienced Sports Massage Therapist Lorna Hetherington.  
Her expertise, knowledge and calm professional manner cannot be equalled - I cannot recommend her highly enough and Lorna is always my first choice for pain relief treatment.”

David H

“I have known Lorna for over 10 years, having met on the same Sports & Remedial Massage course, at the LSSM training college. Over those years I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lorna develop into a top class therapist. She has a wealth of knowledge and always listens, which ensures she provides the best course of treatment. I have participated in several running events from 10k up to Ultra distance and Lorna is always the first therapist I would contact for a treatment. She is more than a masseuse, as she uses an array of techniques to treat the body. I would highly recommend Lorna to anyone who is looking to improve their body health, well-being and sports performance!”

"Magic fingers – healing hands" make such a huge difference to the well-being of a tired, recuperating or aching body!!  Allow yourself to be renewed and rejuvenated  by the skillful and effective treatment offered by Lorna."

Lizette D

Michael B

"I've been Lorna's client for over a decade. I've punished my body extensively during that time - I've cycled from Lands End to John O'Groats, run the London Marathon, played fairly high standard hockey & golf and weekly bootcamp fitness punishment.
I've also suffered the same hip injury and subsequent operation as Andy Murray. Lorna has aided my recovery and allowed me to carry on longer than I could have hoped. I firmly believe a sports massage therapist is a vitally important part of any serious training programme and recovery regime. Yours should be Lorna Hetherington!"

Dan M

"As an aerialist and physical performer, it is very important for me to look after my body. I came to Lorna with several problems in my shoulders and upper back. She is incredibly knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do to help me with tightness and muscle spasms, getting rid of knots and pain. During our first session she offered me acupuncture in addition to the massage. I had never tried it before and it worked so well that it is now part of every treatment.
Lorna is fantastic and I highly recommend her!"

Malik I

"I've known Lorna for many years now and she is excellent at what she does. She not only listens to what you want but also gets to know your body well, areas of weakness and where improvements are required.
I've seen Lorna on many occasions, especially when I was training intensely, which included boot camp, personal training and cycling. When I was pregnant I also saw Lorna when I dislocated my rib. She provided me with good care and eased the discomfort I was experiencing. Lorna comes highly recommended,  as she is friendly, professional and has vast experience in her field, thus look no further."

Jes M

"After my knee replacement Lorna really improved the swelling on my leg and I am now able to walk better. I still do the massage round my scar that she taught me to do and it really is helping.

I would certainly recommend that you give Lorna a try, as I am sure you will benefit from her treatment and advice."

Doreen O

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