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Athlete's thigh muscle being massaged by therapist

Sports & Remedial Massage

Ease your muscles

I originally trained in sports and remedial massage, but I am essentially a soft tissue therapist dealing with issues related to the muscles, tendons and fascia within the body. I use a variety of techniques, including myofascial release, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique, positional release technique and trigger point release, alongside more traditional effleurage and stretches to relieve tension in muscles and promote freedom of movement. I may also use medical acupuncture and spinal mobilisation or manipulation if required to achieve the best result.

If your aches and pains are from poor posture,  sitting at a desk all day, or just getting older and dealing with other health issues, then a regular massage will ease the niggling pains and help you move more comfortably. It is also hugely beneficial after surgery and I have many years of experience dealing with reducing swelling and improving range of motion post-operatively for knee replacements and ligament repairs such as ACL/MCL reconstructions, hip replacements, shoulder surgeries (rotator cuff repairs, shoulder replacement) and back operations.

For those who play sport regularly or are training for an event, a sports massage can help minimise injuries, improve your recovery times and help keep you in optimum condition.


I have successfully treated many marathon runners, triathletes, cyclists, golfers, tennis players and footballers, but also have experience of other sports such as shooting, horse-riding, climbing and ballet. I was also selected to provide massage to international athletes at the London 2012 Paralympics and have provided pre/post event massage at both the British Triathlon and the London Bike Ride.

Many of my clients see me for specific issues; anything from neck pain to tight hamstrings or shoulder problems, but I will often treat other related areas as well. The body is an integrated whole and everything is ultimately connected, so releasing restrictions in another area can have surprising effects on the main problem. 

I am a highly skilled soft tissue therapist and adjust pressure to the requirements and preference of each client. I incorporate breath work to help you relax during treatment and achieve the best results possible. See my reviews page for a selection of testimonials from my clients or to see my Google reviews.

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