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Lady applying hand sanitiser to hands

Covid-19 Protocols

I have taken every effort to ensure my business is as Covid-secure as possible.

I allow longer between appointments to clean all surfaces touched by the previous client and to ventilate the treatment room.


Face masks are currently no longer required but may be reintroduced if Covid infection rates increase or during winter flu season. Of course, should you prefer to wear a mask or request that I wear one (particularly in the case of immuno-suppressed clients) please feel free to do so.

I do ask that if you have any form of cold/flu virus that you postpone your appointment until you are feeling better. Massage treatment when you have a cold/flu can make you feel worse and prolong your recovery and also increases the risk of infecting others.

If you are due to have a Covid or flu vaccination, please allow 48 hours after your vaccination before coming for treatment in case you experience any side effects.


If you require any further information about my Covid protocols please feel free to contact me.

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