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Treatment Options

Your first treatment will begin with me taking your medical history, making a physical assessment and finding out your overall goals. Are you looking to get rid of knots in your neck and shoulders that have been bothering you for ages? Maybe you are training for an event and want to avoid injury and maximise your performance by keeping your muscles in top condition.

Whilst the list below gives an overview of the types of treatments I am trained in,  I may use a combination of these techniques to achieve the best outcome for your particular problems, and help get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time.

Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal treatment plan for your specific needs.

Sports massage on leg

Sports & Remedial Massage

Pregnant belly

Pregnancy Massage

Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Acupuncture Session

Medical Acupuncture

Osteopath at Work

Spinal Mobilisation & Manipulation

Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

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